About Us

Old Hill boxing community club

“WORKING AT BRINGING A COMMUNITY TOGETHER” We are a local community boxing gym bringing health, fitness, motivation, discipline, life skills, communication and social awareness and community spirit to all generations of people. We welcome everyone in the community regardless of age, race, gender, religious beliefs, economic background or disability. We work with many organisations including youth rehabilitation programs, drug and alcohol awareness programs, local schools as well as supporting homeless people by providing warm clothes and food parcels. We are about encouraging the community to come together united to make the community a better place for all.


Catherine O’Rourke

Cat is the manager of the gym and is responsible for all admin, timetables, promotions, funding, front of house and all the day to day running of the gym.

Christy Bolat

Christy is our front of house at the gym and is responsible for booking systems and daily running of all safety in the sessions.

Danny Yates
Boxing Coach

Qualified level 2 instructor
Danny has had over 15 years experience of boxing with over 30 fights, with 26 resulting in knockouts, 2 point wins and 2 losses.

Frankie P
Boxing Coach

Frank has established his own training academy’s over the years and has trained many professional boxers in the midlands and is a qualified training coach in boxing and circuit training.

Hasting Rasani
Boxing Coach

Hastings is a professional boxer and qualified training coach registered with the British boxing board of control with over 100 fights in his boxing profession

Raja Rauf

Raja is the heart and soul of the community boxing gym project.
As the inspiration and founder/director of the gym Raja is passionate about bringing a community together.